Arrang Kel Neelum Valley (Azad Kashmir)

Arang Kel is a small village near Kel and located on the hilltop at the distance of 2km on the height of 8,379 feet. It is just on the LOC, behind the mountain in front of you. There is no road to the village, so the only way to come here is a chairlift or hiking trek of two hours.

It is a lush green hill station and attracts most of the tourists coming to Neelum Valley. As it is not connected with roads so accommodation and food are relatively expensive here as compared to other tourist locations in Neelum Valley. But a night stay with a full moon must be a romantic and memorable night of your life there in Arang Kel.

The trek to Aurang Kel, is adventurous in the pine forest and beneath the roaring sound of the Neelum River. After crossing the bridge over the Neelum River, the trek is becoming narrow in the deep forest, you can see some waterfalls in your way. The last part of the trek is steeper, and you have put more force and courage to complete it. But after completing, you can get a splendid and broader view of Aurang Kel with colorful huts in green fields.

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