The Swat River

The Swat River

The Swat River (Sindh)

The Swat River is the main river in Swat Valley, which is formed after merger of two rivers the Ushu River and the Gabral River in Kalam. The Swat River flows with a rushing high speed in the begin part of the Swat valley and then after Madyan, it flows smoothly in the plains of Swat. The Swat River merges with the Kabul River near Charsadda.

About Swat

The lush-green and bow-shpaed valley of Swat in the Hindukash Range, with its shining waterfalls and singing river Swat and its tributories, and fruit-laden orchards, and gardens with stack of colorful flowers, is an ideal for holiday-makers loving for a relaxation after their busy lives.

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