10 most fantastic Culture & Heritage Sites in Pakistan

Uch Sharif

It is situated at the distance of 73 km from Bahawalpur in Ahmadpur East in South Punjab. Once it was at the confluence of the Indus and Chenab rivers but now that confluence has moved to Mithankot.

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Pakpattan is one of the ancient cities of Pakistan, located at the distance of 207 km from Lahore and accessible through National Highway N-5 via Depalpur turing to left before Okara.

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Kalash Valleys

The Kalasha Valleys, surrounded by the Hindu Kush Range, is located in Chitral district, Pakistan, at the distance of 36 km from Chitral main city on National Highway N-45. There are three valleys, Bumburet, Rumbur and Birir. From Ayun village on N-45, turn right on Bamboret Valley Road.

The People, Kalash people, have a unique culture, language and ancient traditions. They belongs to polytheist faith and are smallest religious and ethnic minority of Pakistan.

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Kafristan Culture

Kafiristan took the name because it once followed a form of ancient hinduism they were non-Muslim so they were known as kafir by the surrounding where Muslims lived they were closely related to the Kalash people they have different culture language and religion the name Kafir is derived from the Arabic kaafir a person who refuse to accept Islam.

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Camal in Badin Desert

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