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Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is located in the northeastern part of Pakistan in the Pothohar Plateau on the foot of Margalla Hills at a distance of 295 km from Lahore at an elevation of 1770 feet above sea level. It can be accessed through G. T. Road as well as Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. It was declared as the capital of Pakistan in the 1960s by cutting land from Punjab province. Benazir International Airport is linked with all over the world to attract foreign visitors as well as visitors from other cities of Pakistan.

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Frere Hall

Frere Hall is one of the many British Colonial era buildings, located at the distance of 2 km from Karachi Railway Station in front of the Marrott Hotel, on Fatima Jinnah Road. Building has very unique architectural design that attracts the tourists to study the history of British era. There are two gardents, now named as Baghe-e-Jinnah.

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Lahore Railway Station

On the occasion of Independence Day of Pakistan, all of the major building in Lahore and other main cities, are decorated with lights. So Lahore Railway station is decorated with colorful lights and represents a fantastic view at night on Independence Day of Pakistan.

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Karakoram Highway in Hunza

Hunza valley is the most beautiful valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan and attracts thousands of tourists from all over Pakistan and other countries. Karakoram Highway crosses in the center of the vally and gives memorable views while traveling through KKH.

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Crossing Streets Baltit Fort

Crossing through the beautiful steep streets toward Baltit Fort will be the memorable part of your tour. There are number of eye catching point in the passage, which finally lead toward the splendid Baltit Fort.

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Altit Fort Main Tower

The main attraction of Altit Fort is the main tower and two small apartments on its left and right. There is a beautiful door in the front of tower, which leads on its rooftop. The main tower is approximately 30 feet high. At its roof, you can view the lush green hunza valley along the Hunza River.

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Clock near Faisal Mosque

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PDTC Motel Naran

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