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Baghwali Mosque (Punjab)


About Vehari

Vehari is located at the distance of 320 km from Lahore in Punjab Province on Multan-Dehli Road, constructed by Sher Shah Suri, at an altitude of 443 feet on the north of the Sutlej river. It is accessible through National Highway N-5, turning left after Mian Channu or turning left from Chichwatni via Burewala.

Vehari has common boundaries with Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, Pakpattan, Khanewal, Lodhran, and Sahiwal districts. Vehari is also connected with Lodhran - Khanewal Express at Chowk Maitla via Lahore - Abdul Hakeem Motorway M-4, that is the fastest way to access it. It is also connected railway on the Lahore - Multan railway track for all type of transportation.

Vehari is known for cotton production, there are a number of cotton processing and cottonseed oil processing factories in the city. Second most important crop is maize in the district. Sugarcane processing also plays a major role in the development of the district. Several fruits are produced in the Vehari district in which mangoes, citrus fruits, guava are common. There are number of factories manufacturing fruit juice, jellies, jams, and pickles.

Most of the lands in the Vehari district is irrigated through the Pakpattan canal from Sulemanki Headworks on the Sutlej River. It provides water to all of the surrounding towns in the district for agriculture.

Islam Headworks is constructed on the Sutlej River near Luddan town in Hasilpur for irrigating and controlling flood. There are three canals, Mailsi canal, Bahawalpur canal, and Qaim Canal to irrigate the land in Southern Punjab including Bahawalpur, Rahimyar Khan, Bahawalnagar, and Cholistan. It is good place for fishing as well as to explore the nature around the headworks. There is also a large size water reservoir system.

Mailsi Siphon, also known as Head Siphon, is located on the Sutlej River with Syphan Bridge over it on Mailsi - Syphan road at a distance of 12 km from Mailsi town. The Syphon Bridge was constructed in 1900 and it is beautiful and attractive bridge over the Sutlej River. It is not in good condition but is still operational. The Mailsi Canal is crossing under the Sutlej River water through the phenomenon of siphoning of liquid. It is also a good place of one-day picnic and fishing near the pleasant environment of canal and the Sutlej River. Fishing by fishing rod is a fortune task, but still you can enjoy the best quality river fish there. For this purpose, there are several restaurants and fish shops along the road as well as near the canal and river.

Vehari is also famous for hand woven cotton cloth, also known as Khaddar. It is also available by block printing or embroidery. embroidered shirts and bed sheets are famous products of the Vehari city.

The climate conditions in Vehari are almost hot and dry in summer and whereas the winter season is rather cold. From the mid of July to September, rainfalls can be expected any day in the monsoon period.

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