Our Team

Our dedicated team of experience travellers is always available to provides service at their best to travellers in design thier tour.

  • Abdul Ghafar

    He has more than ten year experience in exploring and developing tourism in Pakistan and he also has developed a network of his team in various cities of Pakistan to get the latest information, pictures, or videos about visiting locations in Pakistan.

  • Ch. Tayyab Mahmood

    He has a strong connection with various travelling agents to arrange the tours and events at different location in Pakistan as well as international tours. He also has vast experience of marketing various events and tours for such tour operators in Pakistan.

  • Qasim Iqbal

    He has experience of arranging and collecting data for different projects to organize and arrange databases. He also has worked with different type of data such as text, video, sound, and image, etc. for presenting the ideas of the business.  

  • Abdullah Khan

    He is an experienced photojournalist and is currently working for many projects to explore the historical aspect of various landmarks in Pakistan. He also have experience of landscape and wildlife photography. He is also working as a TV and radio anchor in various TV channels.