faisal mosque (Punjab)

Shah Faisal Mosque, the most famous place in Islamabad, is located in the Margalla Hills at a distance of 10km from Zero Point Islamabad. It is amazing creativity for those coming to visit the mosque. It is among the beautiful mosques in Pakistan. It has four beautiful minarets on the four corners of the look the mosque. The view of the mosque at night is more charming and eye-catching. Its construction was funded by King Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

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Faisal Mosque view from Monal

Monal is good restaurant in the Margala Hills at the distance of 9 km from Islamabad. Number of Pakistani and foreign dishes are available there. You can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the Margala Hills there. Evening view is more charming with the sparkling lights of Islamabad city.

Faisal mosque cresent

In the Center of four minarets of Faisal mosque, there cone shaped dome having a golden crescent on its top.

Faisal Mosque from Daman-e-koh

From Daman-e-koh, you can also get a beautiful view of Faisal Mosque in the lush green range of the Margala Hills

Stairs lead to Faisal Mosque Courtyard

Sun behind Faisal Mosque

Minaret of Faisal Mosque

Front View of Faisal Mosque

Ablution Area Faisal Mosque