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Ghotki (Sindh)


Ghotki is located at a distance of 526 km from Karachi on the left bank of the Indus River. It is an agricultural lands as well as there number of industries are in operation. Its land is suitable for producing best quality dates and bananas.

Ghotki was founded in 637 by Raja Ibn Selaj Birhman, who was a relative of Raja Dahar of Sindh. He had set up an army settlement there. After that people were going to settle there and it became a town. After the defeat of Raja Dahar by Muhammad Bin Qasim, his son named Ghot settled in this region. So region called by the name of Ghotas, then it becomes Ghotki.

Ghotki district has common boundaries with Kashmore, Sukkur, and Rahimyar Khan districts. It has a boundary with India border with Rajasthan in India. The National Highway N-5 runs across the district and connects all of the major towns in the district. Multan-Sukkur Motorway M-5 is another alternative to access the district. It also lies on the main railway track from Karachi-Lahore.

Ghotki land is divided into two major types, one is the fertile alluvial plains along the Indus River, and second one is the barren and white land of the Thar Desert.

Ghotki is fertile land due to the water of Indus River, so district is best to produce various cash crops such as sugarcane, cotton, wheat, and rice. Sugarcane is produce in abundant quantity and district is played a considerable role in manufacturing of sugar. Most of the land in the Ghotki district is irrigated by using the water from Indus River and Reiti Canal that originates from the Guddu Barrage in Kashmore. One small canal provides water in the area of the Thar Desert to irrigate the barren land to convert it into a fertile land again. There is also dense forest along the Indus River and fruit orchards. The forest along the Indus River is also a homeland for different kinds of wild animals and birds. Ghotki is also famous for producing high quality dates.

Mirpur Mathelo is the main town in the Ghotki district, where banana, date, and mango trees are found excessively. It is oldest and historical town in Sindh. Moomal Ji Mari is an ancient historical site in the Mirpur Mathelo. It is located on an 50 feet high mound.

Ghotki is also palying important role in various industries such as such as fertilizers, gas fields, sugar mills, etc. There are more than five sugar mills to manufacture sugar in the district. Engro fertilizer and Fauji Fertilizer are operating units in the Ghotki district to produce fertilizers and related products. Mari Petroleum Company Limited manages various gas fields in the area to extract and refine petroleum.

Shadani Darbar is a Hindu temple located in town of Mirpur Mathelo in the district of Ghotki. It is the biggest temple in the Sindh province. It was built in 1786 by Sant Shadaram Sahib who was great Hindu saint born in 1708 in Lahore. Three days annual festival is held in the temple on the birth anniversary of Sant Shadaram. It is visited by thousands of Hindus from India and Pakistan.

The weather of Ghotki district is normally hot and dry in the summer season, whereas winter is moderate cold. It receives little rainfalls in the monsoon period from July to September.

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