Jahlar Lake

Jahlar Lake (Punjab)

kenhatti-waterfall is a very charming place in Kenhatti Garden, which is easily accessed via 2 km trek in the garden. While leading toward waterfall on the trek, tourist can enjoy the lush green views of the different sites of the garden and observe number of fruit trees. Another major attraction is the Kenhatti village on the trek, which is a traditional style Punjab village with mud houses, grazing cattle, traditional living style of natives and natural environment.

Waterfall is developed due to the formation of big sized rocks, and a small lake is also developed on rock structure of the area. It is a lovely place to relax there for few hours with the clam environment and pleasant weather. The shades of green and brown bushes, make its water more colorful, which forces the visitor to praise its beauty.

Kenhatti Waterfall Map