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Layyah (Punjab)


Layyah is located on the left bank of the Indus River at the distance of 394 km from Lahore and is accessed through Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway M-3, after moving back to Lahore-Faisalabad Motorway M-3, and then follow the Garh Maharaja Road via Shorkot.

Layyah was founded by Kamal Khan Mirani in 1550 and remained under the control of Mirani Dynasty until 1787. Kamal Khan Mirani was descendant of Ghazi Khan Mirani who had set the foundation of Dera Ghazi Khan. Mirani dynasty was a Bloch tribe who ruled in India between 15th to 18th centuries. Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ismail Khan, and Layyah were the major cities under their control.

Layyab is bounded by Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ismail Khan, Bhakkar, Jhang, and Muzaffargarh districts. It can also accessed by Indus Highway N-55 via Dera Ismail Khan as well as via Dera Ghazi Khan. Mianwali-Muzaffargarh road runs within the center of the district to provide access to all of the towns in the district.

The land along the Indus River is fertile and suitable for growing different crops such as wheat, sugarcane, maize, gram, cotton, rice, etc. The water of Indus River is used to irrigate the surrounding areas. The related industries such as sugar mills, cotton ginning, and rice processing are operating there. There are minor industries are also working in the district to produce various essential products.

Most of the soil of the Layyah is under the Thal Desert between the Indus River and the Chenab River toward the Chenab River. Large-sized sand dunes can be seen in most part of the district. To to high temperatures in the desert, sandy and dusty storms are much common in the area. Most part of this area is completely barren and just contains large number of sand dunes. Due to heavy wind, the shape and size of these sand dunes are always changing. So traveling inside the desert without following any trek is become dangerous and one can lost in the vastness of the desert. For this purpose, one must have compass and map to locate oneself and find the way to proper road and some town.

Shrine of Lal Esan is situated near Karor Lal Esan town in the Layyah district at a distance of 17 km. Lal Esan was the grandfather of Bahauddin Zakariya, whose shire is in Multan, and he had recited ten million times the Surah Muzzammil while standing inside the Indus River. Therefore, that town was called as Karor Lal Esan, as ten million is equal to one karor. The annual festival is held in the month of September. People from the surrounding areas visit on the occasion of annual celeration. It is can be accessed via Karor - Layyah Road and following Lal Esan road on the right side.

The magnificent views of the Thal Desert can be seen while driving Garh Maharaja town toward the Chaubara Tehsil in the Layyah district. One can observes the large sand dunes, continuously changing their shapes due to wind. Due to vastness, view of sunset is one of most splendid views of the desert in the area. Chaubara is the least populated area in the district due to vast desert of Thal.

The climate of the Layyah district is extremely hot especially in the Thal Desert areas, whereas in winter its temperature becomes low due to Koh-Suleman Range near it.

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