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Mahal Nagar Mal (Punjab)


Mahal Nagar Mal, Minchinabad Mansion, is a beautifully and lovely constructed haveli in the middle of Minchinabad town at the distance of 35 km from Bahawalnagar. It was constructed in 1930 by two brothers Nagar Mal and Bhajan Lal, merchants of the Agarwal clan.

Mahal Nagar is covered with a high arched doorway that leads toward courtyard of the building. Inside of building is decored with glass work, carved with graphvines and other floral and curvilinear motifs that show mixture of Mughal and Hindu architecture in design.

After independence in 1947, Nagar Mahal came to be occupied by the Sukhera family in the compension of land in Abohar in Indian Punjab. Since then they are the legal owner of the property and also kept the beauty of the Nagar Mahal alive.

About Minchinabad

Minchinabad, tehsil of Bahawalnagar, is located at the distance of 232 KM on Head Sulemanki Road. Its name is after Colonel Charles Minchin who was the British Political Agent to oversee the Bahawalpur State from 1866-1876.

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