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Mall Road Murree (Punjab)

Murree Mall Road is one of the best place to visit and to shop in modern styled hill station of Murree within the cool and pleasant weather. Every visitor in Murree loves to visit and walk on the Mall Road. There are number of restaurants and shops along the road. Visitors can purchase different items such as garments, entiques, precious stones, dry fruits, etc. Along the road, you can also enjoy hot tea and coffee from the number of coffee shops.

Murree Mall Road is one of the highest visiting place in hill stations in Pakistan. Evening time is one of the best time to walk along the Mall Road, Murree. Most of the visitors enjoy their dinners in the restaurants along the Mall Road.

Upper Jhika Gali Road as well as Lower Jhika Gali Road can be used to access Mall Road through vehicle from the Kashmir Point. You can also access the Mall Road from Pindi Point by trekking from Bus Stop via Lower Mall Road or by following the steps through the market.

Mall Road Murree Map