Minar-e-Pakistan (Punjab)

Minar-e-Pakistan, an important building, was constructed in memory of the independence of Pakistan. The resolution of Pakistan on 23 March 1940 was passed in the same place. It was the first call for the independence of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the sub-continent. It was an important event in the history of Pakistan when a separate Muslim state was demanded.

After that, Pakistan came into being on 14 August 1947, after a long struggle for independence. Then, this building, Minar-e-Pakistan was constructed in the memory of that day in 1960. There is also a park, named Iqbal Park adjacent to the Minar-e-Pakistan. It is located on the G. T. Road near Badami Bagh, Lahore, and easily accessible from Lahore Railway station, just after 10 minutes drive.

Minar-e-Pakistan Map