Siphon Fishing Point

Siphon Fishing Point (Punjab)

Siphon is important fishing point in the Lahore city at the Ravi River, near the border between Pakistan and India. It can be accessible through G. T. Road, turn left from Jallo near Wagha Border at the distance of 28 km from Lahore Railway Station or from Lahore-Kala Khatie Road and turn right to Ghazi Kakka Road at the distance of 34 km from Lahore Railway Station.

It is a very good point for fishing. And other very interesting point about Siphon is the crossing of the River Ravi over the BRB Canal. It is a very good picnic spot due to pleasant and calm environment of the Siphon with green fields in the background and cool water flowing in the front.

Siphon has very important memories about the martyars of the 1965 war between Pakistan and India.

Siphon Fishing Point Map