Akbari Sarai Mosque


Akbari Sarai Mosque (Punjab)

To the west Akbari Sarai, there is a mosque with three domes in red sandstone. It is not in good condition at present, but its restoration work has been inprogress. There was different type of types of frescoes and ghalib kari work in its interior.

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Lahore, the capital city of Punjab, is the most populous and second largest city in the northeast part of Punjab province in Pakistan on the border with India at Wagha. It is located on the bank of River Rive at a height of 213 m above sea level. It is linked with the rest of Pakistan and accessed by all types of transportation. It is the major city to access all of the cities and towns of Punjab province. It has the largest railway station in Pakistan. Allam Iqbal International airport is used for all type of international and local flights.

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