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Colorful Flowers around Attabad Lake (Gilgit Baltistan)

Posted by mian zeeshan


Hunza valley is lush green valley with full of colorful flowers everywhere. A beautiful view of Attabad Lake with colorful flowers can be the main attraction on some spots of lake.

About Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake, also known as Gojal Lake, is located in Gojal valley in Gilgit Baltistan at the distance of 122 km from Gilgit main city on Karakoram Highway. It was created accidentally in January 2010 by a massive landslide in Attabad village.

After the destruction of Karakoram Highway, a 24 km portion of Karakoram Highway including 7km long five tunnels is a world-class masterpiece in the mountain crossing trek.

Its bluish-green water surrounded by brown color hills is very attractive and splendid. Crossing the lake before the new construction of the tunnel was one the best adventure of one's life.

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