Crystal Clear Water Uchalli Lake

Crystal Clear Water Uchalli Lake (Punjab)

Posted by Abdul Ghafar


Instead of that the water of Uchali Lake is lifeless, it is crystal clear and surface area of lake is easily seen from the water top. Due to salinity in water, its represents shining surface in sunlight.

About Uchalli Lake

Uchalli Lake is the largest saltwater lake with lifeless water in Soon Valley in the Salt Range on the foot of Mount Sakesar, located at the distance of 17km from Naushehra on Khushab-Sakesar road, the main town in the Soon Valley. The main sources of its water are the surrounding streams in the area and rainwater due to the lack of a drainage system there.

Instead of its lifeless water, it attracts a number of different migrating birds from Central Asia, which is the main attraction of the lake and gives picturesque and romantic views to visitors.

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