Ghizer full of lakes

Ghizer full of lakes (Gilgit Baltistan)

Posted by mian zeeshan

Ghizer is high mountain valley, therefore it is full of lakes and adventurous treks in Hindukush and Karakorum ranges. There are number of un-named lakes, those can be accessed through difficult and dangerous treks, but their beauty is so attractive, you can forget the sufferings during trek.

About Ghizer

Ghizer is the district in the western part of Gilgit-Baltistan in the range of Hindukush and Karakorum. It is the gateway to Chitral from the Gilgit side via Shandur Pass. Gahkuch is the capital of Ghizer at a distance of 72km from Gilgit City. There are all types of accommodations including PTDC hotel for tourists.

The Koyo Zom is the highest peak in Ghizer in the Hindukush Range on the boundary of Ghizer and Chitral. Shandur festival is one the famous cultural event in this area at the beginning of July every year.

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