Inside Design Dome Bari Imam

View of Saidpur Vilalge (Punjab)

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About Shrine of Bari Imam

The shrine of Bari Imam is, the most important shrine in Islamabad, located in the village of Noorpur Shahan, Islamabad at a distance of km from Zero Point, Islamabad. The shrine was first built by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

Pir Hazar Sayyid Abdul Latif Shah, also knows as Bari Imam, was a 17th-century Sunni Muslim saint. Behind the shrine, a trek leads to the cave on the top of the mountain, which he used to live and pray. It takes nearly one hour to reach that cave. It is an adventurous journey as there is a number of beautiful locations in the passage. You are also welcomed by the local monkeys, ready to get some eatables from your sides.

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