Swat River in Kalam

Swat River in Kalam

Swat River in Kalam (Punjab)

The Swat River is started from Kalam by the merger of the Ushu River and Gabral River. It flows in a narrow channel in Kalam Valley, so its speed becomes very fast here and also gives most attractive and picturesque views in Kalam.

About Kalam valley

Kalam, a cool and pleasant hill station in Hindu Kush Range, is located at the distance of 350 km from Islamabad via Mardan and Malakand on the bank of the Swat River in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is a lush green valley with thick pine forest, meadows and waterfalls. The best season to visit Kalam is in the months of April to August. Tourists can enjoy very beautiful and charming views of Swat River in Kalam.

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