Village in Chillum

Village in Chillum (Gilgit Baltistan)

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Chillum is the last town in Astore village before Deosai Plains, and there some villages in the way of Deosai Plains from Astore District along the Chillum Nallah.

About Chillum

Chillum, or Chilam, is the last village in Astore District and is the starting point to start the next journey toward the world highest plain, Deosai. It is also known as Chillum Chowki due to police check post there. It is a lush green area with grazing fields and crops, and number of running streams. Road is not in good condition, but still suitable to continue the journey, there are sharp ascends and descends on the road, which need extra power of vehicle to travel.

There are small size hotels and accommodation available in Chillum, you can also enjoy camping here. Weather conditions in Chillum are mostly cool and cold in night.

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