Village near Deosai Plains

Village near Deosai Plains

Village near Deosai Plains (Gilgit Baltistan)

Village in Chillum valley is the last habitant place in Astore District near Deosai Plains, as Deosai Plains is an non-habitant place due to free movement of wild animals such as bear, leapard, etc. in night. The weather conditions of Deosai Plains is also highly uncertain that makes human live at risk in Deosai Plains.

About Deosai Plains

Deosai Plains, also known as Deosai National Park, is located at the distance of 30 km from Skardu between Astore and Skardu District. Its average elevatin is 13,497 feet above sea level, and considered as the second highest plateaus in the world. Due to its height, there is no tree in the Deosai Plains but full of lush green grass and flowing plants. It is also famous for wild life and different kind of flora and fauna in Karakoram Range. In spring season, it becomes colorful due to those wild flowers and variety of butterfiles.

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