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Banjosa Lake (Azad Kashmir)

Banjosa Lake is located at the distance of 20 km from Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir. It is an artificial lake at an altitude of 6,499 feet within the lush green grassland, deep fine forest and mountains, which make it more charming and attractive in view.

It is easily accessible from Rawalakot by metallic road. There are number of facilities for tourists visiting the lake. Resthouses, hotels, and restaurants are available near the lake. There are some beautiful and colorful huts near the lake including AJK Toursim guest-house. These colorful huts give a very distinguishing and charming view of the lake in the lush green surrounding.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful night there, then you can easily book a room there. Room booking is not too much costly there, it will be available in economical price. At night, temperature drops and it becomes more cooler. You can enjoy cold breeze in the night. In the full moon, you will enjoy the golden moonlight reflecting from the lake water. Small ripples in lake water add another fantastic effect in the golden light. Most of the tourists, enjoy bonfire there with music and dance.

From Rawalakot, Kahi Gala - Pallandri Road leads toward the Banjosa Lake. Road is little bit dangerous in the beginning but safe to drive. You will reach there within 40-45 minutes. You can also observe beautiful views during driving toward the lake. If you driving your own car, then it will good opportunity to enjoy those beautiful scenic view for while. From the main road, Lake Road on the left side leads you toward lake.

Banjosa lake gives a splendid view due to the number of different and unique flowers in the lush green fields. There are different medicinal plants which are good source for pharmaceutical products. These flowers and plants are the main attraction for the tourists visiting the lake. It is also a place of different kind of birds in which some are migratory birds. Tourists who want to observe the lifestyle of these birds, Banjosa Lake is good location for them.

Banjosa Lake is a good resort for one-day tour for the people living in Rawalakot and its surrounding areas. They spend all time there to enjoy the healthy atmosphere of the lake. They enjoy their lunch there with bar-b-Que and tikka party.

Weather is very pleasant and cool in summer season at Banjosa Lake, so people love to visit the lake in summer season. Temperature drops even below freezing point in the winter season, but tourists still visit the lake.

Banjosa Lake Map