Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan

A lake is a small size area filled with water in the depressed area, basin, surrounded by land. It is normally apart from the river or outlet that serves as a source or drainage of the lake. Lakes are the most beautiful and charming place in the landscape and it attracts number of tourists.

Pakistan is one of the best place to visit these lakes, most of those are the most beautiful lakes of the world. A large number of tourists of the world visit Pakistan to explore the beauty of these lakes.

It is an inclusive collections of beautiful pictures of Lakes in different areas of Pakistan.

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  • Ansoo Lake

    Ansoo Lake

    Ansoo Lake, the most beautiful lake, is situated in Kaghan Valley near Malika Parbat in Manoor Valley at an altitude of 13,940 feet. It is just like the teardrop shape, so named as - Ansoo -, means teardrop in English. It also looks like a human eye in shape.
    Visiting Locations in Ansoo Lake

  • Attabad Lake

    Attabad Lake, also known as Gojal Lake, is located in Gojal valley in Gilgit Baltistan at the distance of 122 km from Gilgit main city on Karakoram Highway. It was created accidentally in January 2010 by a massive landslide in Attabad village.
    Visiting Locations in Attabad Lake

  • Banjosa Lake

    Banjosa Lake is located at the distance of 20 km from Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir. It is an artificial lake at an altitude of 6,499 feet within the lush green grassland, deep fine forest and mountains, which make it more charming and attractive in view.
    Visiting Locations in Banjosa Lake

  • Borith Lake

    Borith Lake is located in Borith village at an altitude of 8,500 feet, near Husseini village in Gulmit, Gojal in Gilgit Baltistan on Karakorum Highway. The lake is accessible via 2 km jeep route from Husseini village adjacent to Ghulkin village. Alternatively it can be accessed within 2-3 hour trekking route directly from Ghuylkin at the end of the Ghulkin glacier. Lake is home land of differnt type of birds, so tourists can enjoy natural views of those birds in the lake.
    Visiting Locations in Borith Lake

  • Chitral Lake

    Chitral Lake, also known as Shindoor Lake, is located in Shandoor Plains.
    Visiting Locations in Chitral Lake

  • Chitta Katha Lake

    Chitta Katha Lake is situated in the Shounter valley in Sharda, Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir at an altitude of 13,500 feet on the foot of Mount Hari Parbat. Lake can be accessed from Kel to Domel Bala by Jeep hired from Kel, and then trekking for 5km.
    Visiting Locations in Chitta Katha Lake

  • Dames Lake

    Dames or Damas Lake is located at the distance of 85km from Dera Ghazi Khan city on Younis Khosa Road in Fort Monroe in Koh-e-Sulaiman Range. It is also known as Fort Munro Lake. It is a beautiful lake surrounded by lush green terrains. It is a favorite visiting spot in summer due to its cool and pleasant atmosphere.
    Visiting Locations in Dames Lake

  • Gattian Lake

    Gattian Lake is located near Kaghan Valley in Neelum Valley, Azad Kasmir, at an altitude of 12,000 feet above sea level. The lake is at the distance of 2 km from Ratti Gali Lake on its backside mountain. It is alphine glacier lake, and the main source of water of this lake is from the glaciers on surrounding mountains.
    Visiting Locations in Gattian Lake

  • Hanna Lake

    Hanna Lake is one of the beautiful lakes in Quetta at the distance of 20km from Quetta Railway Station via Quetta Road, and turns left on Hanna Lake Road, near Urak Valley. Surrounding hills provide a bird\'s eye view of the Quetta city. Lake has a very pictureous view of greenish-blue color with the sandy brown color of the hills and plantation of a pine tree on lake end add the more in the beauty of the lake. A number of colorful and different kinds of birds can also be seen there.
    Visiting Locations in Hanna Lake

  • Jahlar Lake

    Jahlar Lake is small but gives a very attractive, calm, and magical atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Salt Range. Tourists can never ignore to admire its beauty, It is at a distance of 18km from Naushehra via Suraki village. Its water contains strong acidic elements due to there is no life in the lake, but even it is a living place for the number of migrating birds in the winter season.
    Visiting Locations in Jahlar Lake

  • Jallo Park Lake

    Jallo Park Lake is an ideal location for one day picnic to boating. Paddle boats and streamers are available there. Inside the lake, there is a beautiful garden with rose flowers and many others. A line of huge trees around it gives one of the memorable evenings with a cool breeze touching the waters of the lake.
    Visiting Locations in Jallo Park Lake

  • Khabbaki Lake

    Khabbaki Lake is another very attractive lake near Khabbaki village on Naushehra-Jaba Road at the distance of 11km from Naushehra, the main town in the Soon Valley. There is a small passage descended down toward the lake from the main road, which leads toward the other side of the same road.
    Visiting Locations in Khabbaki Lake

  • Lake Saif-ul-Muluk

    Saif-ul-Muluk is located in Naran, Kaghan Valley at a distance of 8km from Naran at an altitude of 10,578 feet. It is one of the main sources of the Kunhar River and also one of the highest lakes in Pakistan.
    Visiting Locations in Lake Saif-ul-Muluk

  • Lulusar Lake

    Lulusar Lake is the main source of the Kunhar River at an elevation of 11,190 feet. Its name is due to the name of the surrounding group of peaks. It is famous for its natural beauty and scenic views, the reflection of Lulusar mountains in the lake becomes a real attraction for the tourists. It is 56km from Naran after crossing Besal on the Naran-Chilas Road.
    Visiting Locations in Lulusar Lake

  • Mahodand Lake

    The Mahodand Lake is located in the Hindukush Range at the height of 9,603 feet, in Upper Ushu Valley in Swat. It is a beautiful and large-sized lake surrounded by meadows, mountains, and pine forests. The main sources of its water are glaciers in the Hindukush Range. It is located at the distance of 37 km from Kalam, a hill station in Swat.
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  • Nammal Lake

    The most of areas in central Punjab in Pakistan become totally dry in the months of the summer season due to a shortage of rain. As Punjab has a wonderful canal system to irrigate such lands, but still there is a wide area that needs water.
    Visiting Locations in Nammal Lake

  • Rama Lake

    Rama Lake is located in Choungrah village in the Astore District in Gilgit-Baltistan at a distance of 122km from Gilgit city. It is one of the beautiful lakes in Pakistan with the wonderful beauty of greenery and snow-covered peaks around it. It is easily accessed from Rama Meadows in just a one and half hour trek. which a lush green meadow in the Astore valley.
    Visiting Locations in Rama Lake

  • Ratti Gali Lake

    The Ratti Gali Lake is located in Neelum Valley at an altitude of 12,130 feet, it is also a glacial lake, as it is filled by the surrounding glacier waters.
    Visiting Locations in Ratti Gali Lake

  • Rawal Lake

    Rawal Lake, one of the most visiting places in Islamabad, is situated on Murree Road, Islamabad, next to Shakarparian National Park, and nearly 11km from Zero Point Islamabad.
    Visiting Locations in Rawal Lake

  • Satpara Lake

    Satpara Lake is one of the largest fresh water and natural lake located in Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan at a distance of 8 km from the Skardu main. A jeep can be hired from Skardu or you can enjoy the trek on foot. You can enjoy trout fishing and row boating there. It is the most charming lake and attracts a number of tourists every year. There is a picturesque island in the center of the lake. A short stay is possible there with a round trip on the boat.
    Visiting Locations in Satpara Lake

  • Shangrila Lake

    Shangrila Lake, also known as Kachura Lake, is located at the distance of 27 km from Skardu main, in Kachura village, Skardu. It is one of the most attractive and beautiful lakes in Pakistan. Its beauty becomes more charming by the unique style of colorful restaurants around it. One of those restaurants is an aircraft, that had a crash landing near a riverbed in Skardu.
    Visiting Locations in Shangrila Lake

  • Sheosar Lake

    Sheosar Lake is located in Deosai National Park at the elevation of 13,589 feet and at the distance of 16 km from Chillum from Astore District, whereas from the Skardu side, it is at the distance of 65 km. As Deosai is a peaceful place, so Sheosar Lake is also popular for a calm and peaceful atmosphere within the endless plains of colorful flowers. Wild animals and birds can also be observed there.
    Visiting Locations in Sheosar Lake

  • Shounter Lake

    Shounter Lake, a beautiful and attractive glacial lake, is located at an altitude of 10,200 feet in the Shounter Valley in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. The lake is enclosed within the snow-capped mountains, so the main source of its water is the glaciers on those surrounding hills. It can be accessed from Kel, you have to hire a jeep from there to access the lake.
    Visiting Locations in Shounter Lake

  • Shounter Valley

    Shounter Valley is situated in the Neelum Vally Azad Kashmir. It can be accessed from Kel by using Jeep. This valley is normally covered with snow, so only available in few months of summer season. It is an ideal location for tourists who like trekking and camping.
    Visiting Locations in Shounter Valley