10 most beautiful Lakes in punjab Pakistan

Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake, one of the most visiting places in Islamabad, is situated on Murree Road, Islamabad, next to Shakarparian National Park, and nearly 11km from Zero Point Islamabad.

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Jallo Park Lake

Jallo Park Lake is an ideal location for one day picnic to boating. Paddle boats and streamers are available there. Inside the lake, there is a beautiful garden with rose flowers and many others. A line of huge trees around it gives one of the memorable evenings with a cool breeze touching the waters of the lake.

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Uchalli Lake

Uchalli Lake is the largest saltwater lake with lifeless water in Soon Valley in the Salt Range on the foot of Mount Sakesar, located at the distance of 17km from Naushehra on Khushab-Sakesar road, the main town in the Soon Valley. The main sources of its water are the surrounding streams in the area and rainwater due to the lack of a drainage system there.

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Jahlar Lake

Jahlar Lake is small but gives a very attractive, calm, and magical atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Salt Range. Tourists can never ignore to admire its beauty, It is at a distance of 18km from Naushehra via Suraki village. Its water contains strong acidic elements due to there is no life in the lake, but even it is a living place for the number of migrating birds in the winter season.

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Khabbaki Lake

Khabbaki Lake is another very attractive lake near Khabbaki village on Naushehra-Jaba Road at the distance of 11km from Naushehra, the main town in the Soon Valley. There is a small passage descended down toward the lake from the main road, which leads toward the other side of the same road.

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Swaik Lake

Swaik Lake is located along the Nirooni Dhan Nallah in Kallar Kahar in Chakwal district in Punjab. It is also known as Khandowa Lake. It can be easily accessed through the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2 at 30km from the Chakwal district. It is at a distance of 10km from the main town of Kallar Kahar.

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Dames Lake

Dames or Damas Lake is located at the distance of 85km from Dera Ghazi Khan city on Younis Khosa Road in Fort Monroe in Koh-e-Sulaiman Range. It is also known as Fort Munro Lake. It is a beautiful lake surrounded by lush green terrains. It is a favorite visiting spot in summer due to its cool and pleasant atmosphere.

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Nammal Lake

The most of areas in central Punjab in Pakistan become totally dry in the months of the summer season due to a shortage of rain. As Punjab has a wonderful canal system to irrigate such lands, but still there is a wide area that needs water.

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Boating in Khabbaki Lake

IN Khabbaki Lake, you can also enjoy boating and swimming. The motorboat is available there, so you can get beautiful views of the lake from the boat in the center of the lake. You can also feel the wonderful weather of the Soon Valley while boating at Khabbaki Lake

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Swimming in Swaik Lake

Swaik Lake is a saltwater lake in the Salt Range in the Chakwal District in Kallar Kahar and it is the most famous spot for swimming and diving. Tourists enjoy the lovely place by taking bath there and used to swim there. Due to salty water, your body floats on the surface of the lake, in spite of this fact, you can also hire life jackets to protect yourself.

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