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Cholistan Desert (Punjab)


The Cholistan Desert is the most popular and largest desert in the Southern Punjab, that is the part of the Thar Desert. It was fertile land in 4000 BC due to water from the Himalayas, but due to climate change and with scarcity of water, it turns into barren desert. It also has ancient settlements from the Indus Valley civilization.

It covers an area of 25,800 km square in the region of Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, and Bahawalnagar. Climate of it is arid and semi-arid with very low annual humidity. Average rainfall is also much low in the Cholistan region.

The Cholistan Desert is also important for tourist due to number of historical forts which are located at various locations in the desert. Derawar Fort, Marot Fort, and Bijnot Fort are more famous.

About Ahmedpur East

Ahmedpur East, also known as Ahmadpur Sharqia, is a Tehsil of Bahawalpur. It is an important location due to various historical and archeological sites around it. Tourist can stay here before visiting the Derawar Fort and other historical points.

There are number of visiting locations such as the Derawar Fort, the Sadiq Garh Palace, and the Cholistan desert.

Cholistan Desert Map

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