Seraiki Language spoken cities in Pakistan

Seraiki is local language, spoken in the following cities or towns in Pakistan.

  • Ahmedpur East

    Ahmedpur East

    Ahmedpur East, also known as Ahmadpur Sharqia, is a Tehsil of Bahawalpur. It is an important location due to various historical and archaeological sites around it. Tourist can stay here before visiting the Derawar Fort and other historical points.
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  • Bahawalpur

    Bahawalpur is the twelfth largest city in Pakistan, located in Punjab immediately south of the Sutlej River, with a splendid view of 4,250 ft long Empress Bridge over the Sutlej River. Bahawalpur was the former capital of Bahawalpur State ruled by Nawabs, part of Rajputana States. Now the buildings of Nawabs are opened for the public.
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  • Multan

    Multan, the premier center of southern Punjab, is located on the banks of the Chenab River at the distance of 338 km from Lahore. It is accessed via Abdul Hakeem Motorway M-3 as well as National Highway N-5. Multan is the fifth largest populous city of Pakistan. Multan is also known as cultural center in the province Punjab. Multan is also known as city of saints due to number of shrines of Sufi saints.
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  • Uch Sharif

    Uch Sharif is situated at the distance of 73 km from Bahawalpur in Ahmadpur East in South Punjab. Once it was at the confluence of the Indus and Chenab rivers but now that confluence has moved to Mithankot.
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