Top 10 most beautiful Hilly Areas in Pakistan

Kenhatti Village

In Kenhatti Garden, a traditional style Punjabi village is located, which becomes a main attraction for visitors. Passage is defined to move inside the village and house around the passage are decorated well to attract tourists. You are not allowed to enter inner streets of village nor even in adjoining houses.

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Sakwar is small town and gateway to Gilgit City on the bank of the Gilgit River. Sakwargah Nallah is merged at Sakwar with the Gilgit River. Karakoram Highway is turned toward Hunza from here and Gilgit Road moves toward Gilgit City, Ghizer and Shandur National Park.

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Hotel in Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is a wounderful place to visit, as easily accessible from Islamabad by any using any vehicle. The road from Islamabad to Nathia Gali is beautiful constructed and well protected, so there is no difficulty to drive there. There are number of every type of hotels and restaurants in Nathia Gali, with beautiful views of Nathia Gali hill station.

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