10 most famous Museums in Pakistan

Pakistan Monument

The Pakistan Monument is a popular picnic spot on Shakarparian Hills in Islamabad, represent the national unity. The monument is shaped just like a blooming flower petals with inner walls inscribed with the outlines of Badshahi mosque, Lahore Fort, Minar-e-Pakistan, Khyber Pass, and Quid Tomb. Four main petals represents four province of Pakistan and three small petals three administrative territories of Pakistan. In the center of petals, there is a centroal platform in the shape of five-pointed star, surrounded by a water. A metallic crescent along the petals surrounding the star, representing crescent and star on the Pakistani flag.

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Bahawalpur museum

Bahawalpur Museum is located at the distance of 5 km on Medical Colony Ave Road via Railway Circular Road. It has a wonderful collection of coins, postage stamps of former State of Bahawalpur, medals, manuscripts, documents, inscriptions, camel skin paintings, wood carvings, historical models and stone carving etc. of Islamic and pre-Islamic period. There is a complete set of medals issued by State for military officers as well as for civilians.

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Baltit Fort Museum

There is wounderful museum in Baltit Fort to represent its history and civilization of baltit people.

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Pakistan Monument Museum Islamabad

Lok Virsa Pakistan Monument Museum is located near Pakistan Monument in Shakarparian Hills on Garden Ave in Islamabad at the distance of just less than 2 km from Zero Point. It presents history of Indo-Pakistan and Movement of Pakistan in splendid way in the form of statues and written description. It also shows struggles of Muhammad Ali Jinnah for Pakistan in different events.

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Salar Jund Museum

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