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Jahlar Lake (Punjab)

Jahlar Lake is small but gives a very attractive, calm, and magical atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Salt Range. Tourists can never ignore to admire its beauty, It is at a distance of 18km from Naushehra via Suraki village. Its water contains strong acidic elements due to there is no life in the lake, but even it is a living place for the number of migrating birds in the winter season.

Jahlar Lake Map

Jahlar Lake Photo Gallery

  • Mighty Mountain Rock Soon Valley

    On the trek of Jahlar Lake, you can view mighty mountain rock views, which are the really beauty of the road toward Jahlar Lake in the Soon Valley. One will stop vehicle to get the full charm of the Soon Valley beauty there.

  • Fantastic view Jahlar Lake

    Jahlar Lake has fantastic and beautiful picturesque views, you can enjoy the real relaxation time of your life there after driving 17 km trek from Naushehra, the main town in the Soon Valley.

  • Jahlar Lake Side View

    Jahlar Lake is a comfort and relaxation point for tourists after the 17 km difficult trek from the Naushehra. As there are few tourists in the area, so visitors can enjoy the real natural atmosphere of the lake. It is also a place of different migrating birds from Central Asia, you tourist can observe their natural life there.

  • Jahlar Lake a broader view

    At the distance, the broader view of Jahlar Lake is the first sight of lake for tourist, after turning right toward lake from main road from Surki village.

  • Mountain Reflection in Jahlar Lake

    Jahlar Lake in the Soon Valley is the most beautiful lake in the valley. It becomes more attractive when it reflects the image of the mountain ranges behind it.

  • Jahlar Lake from Jahlar village

    As you turn right toward Nanga Road on the descending side of the mountain, you can see shining surface of the Jahlar Lake from the Jahlar village. From here, road is not in good conditions, but still better for slow drive or otherwise cover this part on foot. It is just 10 minutes walk downward to the lake by crossing the Jahlar village.

  • Surki Village near Jahlar Lake

    Surki Village is a small main village in way of Jahlar Lake on Surki-Jahlar Road. It has number facilities such as petrol pump, mobile towers, etc. Road to Jahlar Lake is passing in the center of Surki village. After crossing the Surki village, turns right to access Jahlar Lake.

  • Shining Sun Jahlar Lake

    Jahlar Lake is beautiful and attractive lake in the Soon Valley, it shows picturesque beauty in the light of sun with series of mountains in the background.

  • Passage to Jahlar Lake

    The road via Surki village leads to Jahlar Lake, is curved on the Soon Valley mountains with a very unique picturesque views. In the middle of trek, you are on the height of this area, and you can see broader and vast view of the Soon Valley especially the main town of the Soon Valley, Naushera.