Khabbaki Lake (Punjab)

Khabbaki Lake is another very attractive lake near Khabbaki village on Naushehra-Jaba Road at the distance of 11km from Naushehra, the main town in the Soon Valley. There is a small passage descended down toward the lake from the main road, which leads toward the other side of the same road.

The water of this lake is not lifeless as compare to other lakes in the Soon Valley, so it is suitable for fishing. You can see a number of seagulls catching fish around there.

It is well developed by TDCP as compare to other lakes in the Soon Valley. There is TDCP Khabbaki Resort having the facility of accommodation and traditional Pakistani foods. There is also the facility of boating in this lake, so visitors can enjoy the real rhythm of the waves of the lake while boating.

Khabbaki Lake Map

Tour places in Khabbaki Lake

Khabaiki Village

Just before Khabbaki lake, the Khabbaki village is just located on the main Naushehra-Jaba Road. From the main road inside the Khabbaki village, small lake called Khabeki is located.

Tourism in Khabaiki Village

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Shining Sun Khabbaki Lake

Khabbaki Lake has too much attraction for tourist, especially the sparkles of shining sun on the surface of the lake. The waves of water, when moves it just represent the rays of sun on the lake.

Walk Trek near Khabbaki Lake

As Khabbaki lake is developed and supervised by Punjab Tourism Department, so there is tourist resort developed by PTDC near it and beautifully designed a walk trek to have a fantastic view of Khabbaki lake.

Boating in Khabbaki Lake

IN Khabbaki Lake, you can also enjoy boating and swimming. The motorboat is available there, so you can get beautiful views of the lake from the boat in the center of the lake. You can also feel the wonderful weather of the Soon Valley while boating at Khabbaki Lake