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Derawar Fort (Punjab)

Derawar Fort is situated in Ahmadpur East at the distance of 130 KM in the South of Bahawalpur. It is a square fortress in the Cholistan Desert. It is also known as Bhati Fort and was built in 9th century by Rai Jajja Solanki, a Rajput ruler of the Solanki clan. Then it was rebuilt in 1732 by Nawab Sadeq Mohammad Khan. It was initially known as Dera Rawal, then became Derawar.

Derawar Fort is famous spot for tourists in the Cholistan Desert. It also becomes an iconic place due to TDCP Cholistan Jeep Rally in the Cholistan Desert near Derawar Fort.

The current condition of Derawar Fort is not good. Most of its internal buildings are going to ground, even some of its outer walls are partially damaged.

Derawar Fort Map