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Lulusar Lake (Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa)

Lulusar Lake is the main source of the Kunhar River at an elevation of 11,190 feet. Its name is due to the name of the surrounding group of peaks. It is famous for its natural beauty and scenic views, the reflection of Lulusar mountains in the lake becomes a real attraction for the tourists. It is 56km from Naran after crossing Besal on the Naran-Chilas Road.

It is a larger size and highest lake in Kaghan Valley and the main source of the Kunhar River, which flows through the entire length of Kaghan Valley.

Lulusar Lake Map

Lulusar Lake Photo Gallery

  • Lulusar Lake Break Time on Road

    Lulusar Lake is situated on the Naran-Chilas Road, so it is famous place for short break in journey to enjoy the pleasant and cool weather of Lulusar Lake.

  • Lulusar Lake under Clouds

    Naran Valley mostly covered with clouds and rains in the evening and morning time. Lulusar Lake is covered with heavy clouds at the time of after-noon and presents a unique and fatastic view of Lulusar Lake.

  • Lulusar Range Shadow in Lulusar Lake

    The shadows of Lulusar mountains make the view of Lulusar Lake more attractive and and colorful. People love to stay there for a while to enjoy the pleasant weather of Lulusar Lake, with the cool wind touching the snow-capped mountains of Lulusar Range.

  • Beautiful View of Lulusar Lake

    Lulusar Lake is a beautiful site for camping. It is best place to stay on the road before continue your journey toward Gilgit-Baltistan. As Naran is expensive place to stay, so tourist mostly use Lulusar Lake for camping to stay for a night.

  • Beautiful View of Lulusar Lake

    Lulusar Lake is a beautiful lake on Naran-Chilas Road, in front of Lulusar mountain range, which makes it more attractive and beautiful view shadows of snow-capped mountains.

  • Lulusar Source of Kunhar

    Lulusar Lake, the large size in lake in Kaghan Valley, is the main source of the Kunhar River, which flows throughout the Kaghan Valley, which joins with the Jehlum River.