Hanna Lake (Balochistan)

Hanna Lake is one of the beautiful lakes in Quetta at the distance of 20km from Quetta Railway Station via Quetta Road, and turns left on Hanna Lake Road, near Urak Valley. Surrounding hills provide a bird\'s eye view of the Quetta city. Lake has a very pictureous view of greenish-blue color with the sandy brown color of the hills and plantation of a pine tree on lake end add the more in the beauty of the lake. A number of colorful and different kinds of birds can also be seen there.

The island in the middle of the lake is another beautiful attraction for visitors. Visitors can also enjoy boating there.

This lake is constructed as a water reservoir for the local population in the era of the British Raj. Its main source of water is from Nahar Nadi, a small stream of water.

Hanna Lake Map