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Kundi Meadows in Swat Valley

Kundi meadows as known as Seh Kundi meadows, are located behind Rajwal village nearly 10 km after Kaghan in Kaghan valley. It is a lush green plain on the mountain peak in Rajwal village after 5 to 6 hours of difficult trek. This trek is started from the main Kaghan-Naran road by crossing the bridge over the Kunhaar River.

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Pakistan is the most beautiful country in South Asia. Its landscape is so attractive and enchanting, that no one can escape to admire it. It has variety of landscapes including snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, singing streams & lakes, mighty rivers, hot deserts, green fields, and sandy coastline, etc. You can enjoy to explore the beauty of Pakistan in these beautiful landscapes. 

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Team of "Beauty Of Pakistan" is going to provide all of the services to explore the beauty of Pakistan and a complete travel guide to Pakistan for locals as well as foreigners. We guide you to promote the tourism in Pakistan in planning your tours to visit any place of Pakistan in any season. Different type of travelling support will be provided to tourist in this regard, such as map of the location, available conveyance for the location, guide to visit any location in the area, weather conditions of the area, available hotels or residency, best food in the area, or any other most important facts or information about the visiting place. You can get any type of support before planning your tour, or get information while you are executing your tour.

We can provide travel guide for all types of tours ranging from family tours to adventurous tours. We can guide you about the available treks to visit that area and also provide information regarding camping and camping side. We can guide you about the equipments as well as commodities which must be required while travelling, and guide shops from where you can get all of those.

We are also facilitating in arranging the conveyance, hotel for accommodation, as well as camping facilities for your expected tour in Pakistan. You can also ask to arrange any function or event such bone fire, meeting, music concert, or cultural exhibition.

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Pakistan is one of the most beautiful country in the World, which is considered as a heaven for tourists. People from all over the World attract to visit in Pakistan to admire the creativity of the Almighty Allah in the development of wider landscape of Pakistan. No one can escape to feel the rhythm of the coolness and freshness in the atmosphere. You will not be the next who will spend the memorable days of his life in Pakistan.

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Pakistan has a beautiful landscape of different attractive scenes with greenish blue lakes and gigantic rivers flowing from beautiful valleys covered within lush green fields and surrounded by snow caped mountains and hills. In the Northern areas, Kaghan valley, Skardu, and Hunza valley present real natural beauty with lush green meadows within the mighty mountain ranges of Hingu Kush, Himalayas, and Karakoram. The Karakoram Highway is one of fantastic construction which leads toward a new development era as well as growth of tourism in the Northern areas. Deosai plains is the second largest plain within the mountain peaks of Karakuram range. An attraction to Deosai plains is the fauna and flora found there, which is not available in other part of the world. The K2 peak, the second highest mountain in the world, is located on Pakistan China border in Baltistan. Trek to K2 base camp will be the most fantastic journey of your life with wounderful views of the number of most highest peaks in the Karakuram Range. Fairy meadows is a real attraction for tourist on the foot of Nanga Parbat. In the full dark night, one can observe the real view of sky with full of stars, which never be possible in metropolitan cities with smoky and dusty atmosphere.

In Azad Kashmir region, the romantic and charming Neelum Valley is one of the most favorite hill stations in Pakistan for those who love adventures. The Neelum River flows in the center of the valley, but most of the Neelum Valley on the right side of the Neelum River is under the illegal control of India in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Number of charming and romantic lakes can be fantastic visit points to enjoy the natural beauty of the country. Lake Saif-ul-maluk, Attabad lake, Mahodand lake, and Shangrila lake are heaven for tourists. Night stay near these lakes in the full moon, will be the memorable and unforgettable events of your life. One can never escape to admire the beauty of Pakistan with lush green valleys, singing rivers and streams, greenish water of lakes, sky touching mountain peaks, romantic desert nights, vast green fields and plains, waves of bluish waters of the Arabian Sea, etc.

Along the shores of the Arabian Sea, there are attractive beaches and deep sea port. Hingol national park is another major attraction on the sea side mountain range. Gwadar, a deep sea port, will be the next hub of world trade in the South Asia. The Indus River is the largest river of the country, which is the main source of water and energy. Along the Indus River and its tributaries, there are worlds most fertile plains which produce best quality rice, wheat, and cotton in the World. The world second largest dam, Tarbela Dam, is the main source of hydro-power and used to provide electricity in the most part of the country.

There are six administrative units, which are Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, and Islamabad capital teritory. Pakistan has tradition of different cultures from the Indus valley civilization to the modern era to represent the true beautiful colours in different fields of life. The culture and social lifes of these regions are different and it can be a major attraction for foreign tourists. The history of hundreds of years, which is another dimension of the historical background of the sub-continent, is a real subject for those exploring the historical and cultural facts about any region.

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The land of Pakistan is an ideal place to explore the natural beauty and wildlife by having adventure in lush green valleys within snow-covered and sky touching mountains, traversing the treks to different mountains base camps such as Nanga Parbat, K2, Broad Peak, Concordia, etc, scouting the jeep safari in deserts such as Cholistan, Thar, etc. So while exploring Pakistan, tourists can enjoy the beauty of traveling in real sense and enjoy their tour as simple picnic to the most adventurous expedition to explore the nature, local food, life-style, culture, etc.

This website is also providing an opportunity to share your interesting things such as real facts, pictures, or videoes about your tour or expedition to your friends, relatives, and public, in such a way that attracts others to visit those tourist spots and gives a chance to have an experience of adventure in the most attractive and charming places of Pakistan.

Foreign tourists can easily accessed Pakistan by getting visa from the Pakistan embessy in their respective country and will land on the Benazir International Airport, Islamabad, from where they will get all of the detail tourism information for their tour or contact with us to get all of the arrangements for their memorable and unforgetable tour.

You can plan to visit Pakistan in any season, as every season has its own attraction. Tourists and photographers love to enjoy dynamic pictureous view in different season and weather. You can contact us in case of any query to visit any area of Pakistan, we are ready to serve you anytime to provide information regarding weather, transportation, and local situation. We can also develop and guide a tour plan to invest and enjoy your valuable holidays in exploring the paradise on the Earth.

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