Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley (Azad Kashmir)

Neelum Valley, bow-shaped thick forested region, is the last district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan, located at the distance of 100 km from Muzzafarabad at the altitute of 5,299 feet. Its name is due to the Neelum River, flowing across the valley. Valley is divided among Pakistan and Indian held kashmir, the LOC is normally moved along the Neelum River in this valley.

Neelum valley is very beautiful and attractive for number of visitor in all the seasons, it has number of pictureous views of lakes, rivers, snow capped mountains, green fields, waterfalls, etc. Road from Authmuqam to Kel, and then from kel to Taobat is real adventure of one's life and full of beautiful views those must an impact on life, as road is adjusant to LOC, so you can see Indian Post and flags on various hills in Indian held Kashmir.


Kutton is small tourist point at the distance of 82 km from Muzaffarabad on the bank of Jagran stream. It is a beautiful picnic point and one can enjoy the lovly night there.


On the bank of Neelum River and just on the LOC, there is a beautiful valley called Keran at the altitude of 5,000 feet. There is a splendid view of the Neelum River at this point and one can enjoy fishing there too. Upper Keran is more beautiful small village at the top, and you can have a clear view of mountain ranges in the Indian held Kashmir there.


It is another most beautiful spot in the Neelum Valley at the altitude of 6,499 feet on the foot of Shardan Peak and at the distance of 136 km from Muzaffarabad.

Kel & Aurang kel

Kel is the most attractive location for tourist at the altitude of 6,879 feet. Upper Kel or Aurang Kel is small village at the hill top at the altitude of 8,379 feet, just two kilometre from Kel and is accessible through Chairleft or trek.


There number of lakes in the Neelum valley, those are accessible jeep and hiking trek. The most important of them are Chitta Katha Lake, Shounter Lake, Ratti Gali Lake and Saral Lake.

Neelum Valley Map