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Astore (Gilgit Baltistan)

Astore is located at an altitude of 8,500 feet in Gilgit Baltistan on the eastern side of Mount Nanga Parbat, at the distance of 60 km from Gilgit main city and ascends from the Indus River from Jaglot. The valley is famous for different kinds of important medicinal plants and herbs. In summer, the colors of the valley become very much attractive due to different flowers of different colors.

Astore valley lies in the famous peaks of Nanga Parbat, Chongra Peak, and Rupal Peak. It includes different lush green valleys and lakes which are the main attraction for tourists. It is accessible through Gilgit as well as from Skardu through Deosai Plains. From Skardu through Deosai Plain is an adventurous four-wheel drive within the colorful and attractive view of Deosai. It is also connected with Minimerg on the extreme side of Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir.

Astore Map

Tour places in Astore

  • Astore River

    Astore River flows throughout the valley from the Deosai Plain in the deep gorges of high mountains along the Astore Valley Road and finally joins the Gilgit River.
    Tourism in Astore River

  • Chillum

    Chillum is the last village in Astore District and is the starting point to start the next journey toward the world highest plain, Deosai. It is a lush green area with grazing fields and crops, and number of running streams. Road is not in good condition, but still suitable to continue the journey, there are sharp ascends and descends on the road, which need extra power of vehicle to travel.
    Tourism in Chillum

  • Deosai Plains

    Deosai Plains, also known as Deosai National Park, is located at the distance of 30 km from Skardu between Astore and Skardu District. Its average elevation is 13,497 feet above sea level and is considered the second-highest plateaus in the world. Due to its height, there is no tree in the Deosai Plains but full of lush green grass and flowing plants. It is also famous for wildlife and different kind of flora and fauna in the Karakoram Range. In the spring season, it becomes colorful due to those wildflowers and a variety of butterflies.
    Tourism in Deosai Plains

  • Eidgah Astore

    Eidgah is the central and capital town of the Astore District. Astore village and Rama Valley are important places for tourist near it. There are a lot of hotels and accommodations for tourists in this area.
    Tourism in Eidgah Astore

  • Gorikot

    Gorikot is the capital and the largest valley of the Astore District. It is a gateway to Nanga Parbat Tarisheng Base camp and to Deosai Plain that link Astore to Skardu. It has lush green plains with beautiful scenic views in the high mountains in attractive colors. Roads from Gorikot are mostly suitable for Jeep but other vehicles can also be used but with some care. It is also famous for fruits and vegetable fields.Gorikot also provides accommodation facilities to stay the night there to start the further journey toward Deosai or Nanga Parbat.
    Tourism in Gorikot

  • Gudai

    Gudai is a beautiful village in the Astore Valley at the distance of 16km from Gorikot and 27 km from Astore village. Gudai is famous for the fresh water and trout fish in the area. It is a gateway to Deosai Plain, one of the world highest plains, from Astore Valley.
    Tourism in Gudai

  • Harcho

    Harcho is a small town in Astore district at the distance of 16 km from Astore village on the bank of the Astore River. There is a beautiful waterfall in Harcho, tourist can stay there to have a short break in their journay.
    Tourism in Harcho

  • Minimarg

    Minimarg is a very attractive village in the Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir, located on the right bank of the Kishenganga River, also called Neelum River, at an altitude of 2,845 meter. It is located at the distance of 536 km from Islamabad and accessible via Mansehra - Naran - Jalkhan, Chilas, then through the Karakoram Highway, turn left after passing Raikot Bridge on the Astore Valley Road, this road leads toward Minimarg after crossing the Azad Kashmir Border. Access through Neelum Vally is short but more difficult, only trekking and jeep tracks are available to access it.
    Tourism in Minimarg

  • Rama Lake

    Rama Lake is located in Choungrah village in the Astore District in Gilgit-Baltistan at a distance of 122km from Gilgit city. It is one of the beautiful lakes in Pakistan with the wonderful beauty of greenery and snow-covered peaks around it. It is easily accessed from Rama Meadows in just a one and half hour trek. which a lush green meadow in the Astore valley.
    Tourism in Rama Lake

  • Rama Meadows

    Rama Meadows is located at the distance of 13km from Rama Village in the Astore District, Gilgit-Baltistan. Rama Meadows is a peaceful and calm place to enjoy the greenery in the Rama Valley within the attractive color structure of mountains. There are vast areas with lush green forests which makes oneself forget the tiredness of the long traveling to Rama Valley.
    Tourism in Rama Meadows

  • Sheosar Lake

    Sheosar Lake is located in Deosai National Park at the elevation of 13,589 feet and at the distance of 16 km from Chillum from Astore District, whereas from the Skardu side, it is at the distance of 65 km. As Deosai is a peaceful place, so Sheosar Lake is also popular for a calm and peaceful atmosphere within the endless plains of colorful flowers. Wild animals and birds can also be observed there.
    Tourism in Sheosar Lake

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