Gilgit (Gilgit Baltistan)

Gilgit is splendid place for tourists, situated at the altitute of 4800 feet in the southwest of Karakorum Range in Baltistan Province, an administrative territory of Pakistan. The weather condition of Gilgit is normally dry and hot due to the blockage of moonsoon wind and rain by Nanga Parbat Mt. Due to this climate effect, it shows an entirely different scenery in the mid of snow covered mountains and green fields.

One of the best beauty of Gilgit is the Karakoram Highway along the Gilgit River in Gilgit area, one can find number of rock carvings and drawings from the Buddhist time period along the road, especially in Passu village near Hunza Valley.

The main attractins of the gilgit are the beautiful vallies of its surrounding such as Juglot, Danyore, Naltar, Nomal and Bagrot Valley. Distaghil Sar at the alevation of 25,869 feet is the highest peak in gilgit district, that is 19th highest peak in the world.

Gilgit is administrative capital of Gilgit-Baltistan Province, so it is considered as an hub for tourist to visit various valleies in Northern Areas.

Gilgit Map