Mansehra (Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa)

Mansehra is located at the distance of 221 km from Peshawar on Karakoram Highwary N-35. It is very important location as a gateway to Gilgit-Baltistan through Karakoram Highway or through Babusar Pass in the Kaghan Valley.

It is also a historical city in past dynasties in this area, Ashoka ruled over this area, who was the main ruler in Maurya Dynasty. The festival of Durgashtami, who was a Hindu Devi, is celebrated on Bareri Hill in Mansehra. The name of city is also derived after Man Singh, who is general of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Mansehra is famous for its lush green valleys, plateaus and number of beautiful lakes. The Kunhar River is one of the main river in the district, flowing from the Kaghan Valley and then finally merges with the Jhelum River. The Siran is another river in Mansehra, comes from Musa Da Masalla and ends in Tarbella Lake.

Mansehra Map