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Sutlej River near Sulemanki Headworks (Punjab)

Posted by mian zeeshan


The Sutlej River is allocated to India under the Indus Waters Treaty 1960 between India and Pakistan. It is the longest river in Pakistan and Indian Punjab, but due to construction of hydro projects in India, it receives less water in Pakistan side.

The source of the Sutlej Riever is the Lake Rakshastai in Tibet with the name of Langqen Zangbo. At the Shipki La pass, it enters in Himachal Pradesh India, then after long travelling it enters in Pakistan near Kasur district. Then finally it ends its journey near Uch Sharif by merging in the Chenab River before Head Punjnad.

About Sulemanki Headworks

Sulemanki Headworks is constructed on the Sutlej River between 1922-1927. It was the part of the Sutlej Valley Porject and an agreement between the Nawab of Bahawalpur Amir Sadiq Mohammad Khan V and the British Government.

It is the source of three major canals to irrigate the area of Southern Punjab and Bahawalnagar district. These are Upper Pakpattan canal from the right bank and two canals Fordwah and Eastern Siddiqia Canal from the left bank. Eastern sadiqia canal runs along the border of Pakistan and India.

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