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Shangrila Lake (Gilgit Baltistan)

Shangrila Lake, also known as Kachura Lake, is located at the distance of 27 km from Skardu main, in Kachura village, Skardu. It is one of the most attractive and beautiful lakes in Pakistan. Its beauty becomes more charming by the unique style of colorful restaurants around it. One of those restaurants is an aircraft, that had a crash landing near a riverbed in Skardu.

The night view of Shangrila Lake with the reflection of lights coming from the resorts around the lake, is another wonderful attraction for tourists staying a night there. Tourists can enjoy the freezing atmosphere due to the cold breeze coming from the mountains at the night.

Shangrila Lake Map

Shangrila Lake Photo Gallery

  • Clouds at Shangrila Lake

    Shining clouds at the time of sunset, gives more fantastic view of the Shangrila Lake, when they touch waters of the lake. Passing rays of sun through clouds give an contrasting effect of the Shangrila Lake.

  • Shangrila Lake Heaven on Earth

    It is the beauty of the Shangrila Lake, which attracts number of tourists from all over the world in Skardu. As its meaning is Heaven on Earth, and its charming view really describes it as heaven on earth.

  • Crashed Aircraft as Restaurant at Shangrila Lake

    Crashed aircraft is used as restaurant in Shangrila lake which was crashed in nearby place. It gives a unique style of serving tourists to taste the food in the romantic view of the Shangrila Lake.

  • Chinease Style Hut at Shangrila Lake

    Chinease style hut inside the lake, gives a very charming view of the Shangrila Lake. Red color of hut becomes more attractive when it gives shadow in the lake water.

  • Mirror Like Effect of Shangrila Lake

    A beautiful line of colorful huts around Shangrila Lake is the real attraction of the lake, tourists love to stay there and enjoy the pleasant weather of Skardu and broader view of sky in night.

  • Mirror Like Effect of Shangrila Lake

    Shangrila Lake is one of the most beautiful lake in Pakistan, which gives an attractive mirror like view. The beautiful colored huts around it adds an extra tinch to the beauty of the Shangrila Lake.

  • Shangrila Lake View

  • Shangrila Lake in Evening

  • Mighty Mountain behind Shangrila Lake

  • Shangrila Lake

    Shangrila Lake, is an beautiful place to visit in the center of snow-capped hills and among the lush green trees. It is just heart-like shape, when is viewed from aircraft.