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Buji Koh Sapat Beach (Balochistan)


The Sapat Beach is one the famous sandy beaches in Pakistan. It is situated on the Makran Coastal line at the distance of 780 km from Quetta in Balochistan in Lasbela district. Buji Koh is the isolated standing steep cliff in the tides of beach, rising from the coastal sand. Rocky structure stretches along the beach.

The Sapat Beach also famous for different types of species living sea such as crabs, jelly fish, etc.

About Lasbela

Lasbela is a coastal district in Balochistan Province at the distance of 125 km from Karachi on the Karachi-Quetta Highway N-25. Lasbela is famous for its unique geographical structure of mountainous regions, largest national park in Pakistan, and the most beautiful beaches of the world.

Lasbela is bounded by Awaran, Gwadar, Khuzdar, Dadu, Jamshoro, and Karachi districts. The Karachi-Quetta Highway N-25 is main road that runs across the district to access all of its major locations. The Makran Coastal Highway N-10 runs from Kehinwari in the district and can be used to access Gwadar along the Makran Coastal line. Dureji Road runs along the Kirthar Mountain range to access the towns in the eastern side of the district.

Most of the land of the district is mountainous and scattered between various mountain ranges with small valley. The Kirthar mountain range separates it with the Sindh province and the Hala mountain range divides it from Awaran district. Most of these mountains are barren and not suitable for irrigation. The Porali River, the Hub River, the Phor River, and the Hingol River are the main rivers in this district. Water of these rivers, their tributaries, and small seasonal streams are the main source of irrigation in district. Most of the people involves in the agriculture and forming business. Agriculture is not well developed in the region, but fruit orchards are developed in proper ways on various places. Scattered trees of dates and plum are also seen at various locations. Jawar and sunflower is the main crop in the district. The most common fruits produced in the Lasbela district are grapes, cherries, peaches, etc.

Stone ruins at Gondakeha in the Kud town about 16 km from Bela city, indicate ancient Arab occupation during 711 AD by Muhammad Bin Qasim. Same passage was already used by Alexander the Great in 325 BC. It was princely state in the British Regime and was acceded to Pakistan in 1948.

Gondrani Caves are located at a distance of 18 km from Bella city in the Lasbela district. It can be accessed via Karachi-Quetta Highway N-25 or RCD Highway. These are mysterious ancient caves related to unknown civilization. There is small darkened chamber like rooms. Some historians believe that these were built in 7th century by the Buddhists and these were part of a large Buddhist kingdom. Locals believe that there was an old holy lady known as Mai Gondrani who had sacrificed her life to kill the demons and saved the local people of Gondrani. The lady was buried there and it was famous shrine there. Few peoples also believe that the daughter of the King Solomon, whose name was Badiul Jamal, was haunted by six demons. In order to free her daughter, he had invited seven heroes. Prince Saif-ul-Muluk released his daughter and killed the demons.

Hingol National Park is the largest national park in Pakistan, and situated near Sapat Beach in the Makran Coastal region. It lies in three districts, Gwadar, Awaran, and Lasbela and covered an area of 6,100 square kilometers. It was established as national park in 1988. Its name is due to the Hingol River that finally ends in the Arabian Sea. It has six distinct ecosystems with deserts and plains. It was bounded by a dense forest to the north side with a barren mountain range to the south, and the Hangul River and its tributaries. The Hingol River and its tributaries are homeland for migratory birds and marsh crocodiles. It has a unique rock formation that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country.

Gadani is a coastal city along the Arabian Sea in the Lasbela district. Gadani ship-breaking yard is located at a distance 40 km from Karachi and is the third largest ship breaking yard in the world. It is 10 km long beachfront site to hold ships with 132 ship-breaking sections.

Gadani beach is located near the Hub River and Cape Monze. One side of beach is rocky, whereas other side is yellowish sandy. It is a good place of a whole day enjoyment with various activities like camel riding, water games, etc.

Hub Dam is situated on the Hub River at a distance of 56 km from Karachi in the Lasbela and Karachi districts. It is a reservoir dam over an area of 24300 acres and used as drinking water for people living in Karachi. It is also an important habitat of local as well as migratory birds and also declared as a Ramsar site. It is also a famous tourist location and people visit for one-day picnic and also enjoy swimming and fishing there.

Siranda Lake is situated in the southern side of Lasbela district on the Karachi-Quetta Highway N-25. It is the most beautiful and the longest lake of Balochistan. It is 40 km long and 3 km wide. It is a homeland for different migratory birds and thousands of waterfowl resort to it in cold weather. The Polari River and Kharrari River are the main water source of this lake in the monsoon period. Due to desert layout outside the lake, the lake gives one of the most splendid view of golden sunset.

Miani Hor is swampy lagoon in town of Uthal on the coast of Lasbela district. It covers an area of 7471 hectares and designated as a Ramsar site. The Porali River and the Windor River enter into it in the monsoon period. It has unique species of mangrove forests. It is also homeland of various kind of wildlife including migratory birds.

Somiani Beach is one of the most famous beaches near Karachi in the Lasbela district in the Somiani Bay of the Arabian Sea. It is homeland to Portuguese Man of Wars, a kind of marine hydrozoan, and various kinds of fish.

Lasbela is also famous for number of archaeological sites and historical monuments and shrines. Tomb of General Muhammad Ibn Haroon, Tomb of Sir Robert Sandeman, Shrine of Shah Bilawal, Lahut-e-Lamakan, etc. are the most famous monuments. There are some springs in which Sassi Spring and Kumbh Shirin Spring are important.

Kund Malir is located on the Makran Coastal Highway and there several beautiful beaches on its coastal line.

Spat Beach is located in the Hingol National Park and one of the most beautiful beaches in the coastal line of Balochistan. It is a rocky beach with beautiful rocks touching the sea water and gives the most superb panoramic view of the ocean.

The weather of Lasbela is hot and dry in summer season, whereas winters become cool and pleasant. The coastal towns has moderate weather all over the year. It receives limited amount of rainfalls in the monsoon period and in the winter season due to sea breeze.

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Buji Koh Sapat Beach Photo Gallery

  • Sea Life on Sapat Beach

    The Sapat Beach is also famous for sea life including crab, jelly fish, etc. There is a very big colony of crabs, which move freely on the beach without mind presence of visitors on the beach. People also like to enjoy with them and observe other sea life on the beach.

  • Calm water of Sapat Beach

    The Sapat Beach is one of the beautiful sandy beach of Pakistan in Lasbela district of Balochistan. Tourist like to visit it due to its calm water in the day and rising tides in evening touching the base of the Buji Koh.

  • Beautiful view of Buji Koh Sapat Beach

    Buji Koh Sapat Beach is a beautiful and lovely place to visit in Balochistan province. Bolochistan having the largest coastal line in Pakistan having number of beautiful sea sites and those are mostly rocky except Gwadar which is deep sea site.