Lasbela (Balochistan)

Lasbela is a coastal district in Balochistan Province at the distance of 579 km from Quetta and is accessible via Khuzdar through Regional Coorporation for Development Highway N25.

The Porali River is the name river in this district, some other rivers in Lasbela, are the Phor River and the Hingol River. All these rivers finally end in the Arabian Sea.

Lasbela is also famous for the beautiful beach site and hingol national park, which is second largest park in Pakistan.

Lasbela is also famous due to its industry such as oil refinary, power station, and the world largest ship breaking yard.

Lasbela is also famous for number of archaeological sites and historical monuments and shrines. Tomb of General Muhammad Ibn Haroon, Tomb of Sir Robert Sandeman, Shrine of Shah Bilawal, Lahut-e-Lamakan, etc. are the most famous monuments. There are some springs in which Sassi Spring and Kumbh Shirin Spring are important.

Lasbela Map

Tour places in Lasbela

Buji Koh Sapat Beach

The Sapat Beach is one the famous sandy beaches in Pakistan. It is situated on the Makran Coastal line at the distance of 780 km from Quetta in Balochistan in Lasbela district. Buji Koh is the isolated standing steep cliff in the tides of beach, rising from the coastal sand. Rocky structure stretches along the beach.

Tourism in Buji Koh Sapat Beach

Gondrani Cave

Gondrani Cave City, also known as Shehr-eRoghan, is located at a distance of 175 KM from Karachi in Lasbela, Balochistan within the rocky mountains. Most of the people believe, this town was part of Buddhist monastery in 8th century. These caves are formed due to solid conglomerate rocks with several levels. There were more than 1500 caves in 17th century, but now only 500 remain. It is accessible from Lasbela city through a small trek that leads to the hill top. Trek is not easiy due to its steepness and rocky structure. At the end of the trek, you can see the mighty structure of caves in the rocks. There is also a small lake flowing on the side of the caves.

Tourism in Gondrani Cave

Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park is situated along the Makran coastal line in Lasbela district, Balochistan. It is the second largest park in Pakistan, covering an area of 6,100 square kilometers. Some of the its area is also located in Gwadar and Awaran. It is located at the distance of 717 km from the main Quetta city on the Makran Coastal Highway.

Tourism in Hingol National Park