Gondrani Cave

Gondrani Cave (Balochistan)

Gondrani Cave City, also known as Shehr-eRoghan, is located at a distance of 175 KM from Karachi in Lasbela, Balochistan within the rocky mountains. Most of the people believe, this town was part of Buddhist monastery in 8th century. These caves are formed due to solid conglomerate rocks with several levels. There were more than 1500 caves in 17th century, but now only 500 remain. It is accessible from Lasbela city through a small trek that leads to the hill top. Trek is not easiy due to its steepness and rocky structure. At the end of the trek, you can see the mighty structure of caves in the rocks. There is also a small lake flowing on the side of the caves.

Different local lengends are associated about these caves in this area, such as during the reign of king Solomon, his daughter was haunted by demons in these caves, who was freed by Prince Saif-ul-Muluk by killing those demons. Another legend is it was the place of evil demons and sprits who feed on the flesh of Gondrani people, old women scrificed herself to free the people of this area from the demons. Another story is about the pious woman lived there until her death, and there is shrine of that woman nearby.

Gondrani Cave Map