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Chiniot (Punjab)


Chiniot is situated along the Chenab River at the distance of 158 km from Lahore on the Jhang - Chiniot Road via Faisalabad-Multan Motorway M-4. It is famous for beautifully curving wooden furniture and wonderful sophisticated architecture of havelis, mentions, and mosques.

Chiniot has boundaries with Faisalabad, Hafizabad, Jhang, and Sargodha districts. It can be easily accessed through Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, turn left from Pindi Bhattian interchange on Lahore Road as well as via Faisalabad-Multan Motorway M-4 Sahianwala Interchange on Chiniot Road. It is also connected with railway track for all type of transportation.

Rabwah was the place in the Chiniot district from where Muhammad Bin Qasim crossed the Chenab River after conquering Sindh and Multan. Here he fought against the Hindu of Chandrod, ancient name of Chiniot, more than hundred Arab soldiers lost their life and graveyard of martyrs still exists in the Chiniot.

The Chenab River runs in the center of the district and its water is the main source to irrigate the surrounding lands. Chiniot has fertile land due to the Chenab River, so it produces various cash crops such as wheat, maize, sugarcane, etc.

Chinot is known for crafted furniture in all over the world. One of the most special of the Chiniot in wood designing is the Jharokhas that is window projecting from the second story of the building to overlook the outside of the street. Exterior of window is crafted in such a manner that makes the design of building more attractive.

Tilla Chenab is a set of hills in the Kirana Hills range in the Jhang and Sargodha, known as the Black Mountains, and located between Rabwah and the Chenab River. It makes an unique appearance of the area within the lush green plains. It also protects the area from the flood in the river.

Omar Hayat Mahal, also known as Gulzar Manzil, is the 20th century palace in the city of Chiniot. It was built by Nawab Saad Ullah Khan by following the same architecture of Shahi Mosque in Lahore. It is a five storys wooden haveli completed by 1935. It is the last Mughal architectural style with unique carving cuts on the doors and windows. The interior of the building is also designed in a unique and impressive way. It is located on Queen Road in the Chiniot City.

Shahi Mosque is a historical building of 17th century located near the Omar Hayat Palace in the Chiniot City. It was built by Nawab Saad Ullah Khan, who was a minister in the Mughal Darbar. It has three white domes with four small minarets on its roof of prayer chamber. In front of the prayer chamber, there is square-shaped courtyard with a fountain in its center.

The Shrine of Hazrat Sheikh Ismail Bukhari is situated in the Chiniot city that attracts several tourists every year. The tomb is constructed with white cement having the appearance of marble. It has four huge windows and main door called as Bab-ul-Faiz. Sheikh Ismail Bukhari was a well known saint in the area.

Chenab Nagar, also known as Rabwah, is located on the right bank of the Chenab River. It was the center of the Ahmadiyya Community from 1948 to 1984. After that it was moved to Tilford Surrey England after declaring them as minority in Pakistan and declaring them as non Muslim.

Bhawana is an ancient town in Pakistan. Its name was mentioned in Tuzk-e-Babari, a book written by the Mughal Emperor Zahir-ud-din Baabur, to honour its fine architecture and handcrafted Jharoka windows for various havelis and mansions. It is located on Jhang-Chiniot Road on the left bank of the River Chenab.

The weather of Chiniot is extreme hot in the summer season, and it becomes moderate cool in the winter season. It also receive considerable amount of rainfalls in the monsoon period.

Chiniot is famous for Hand Craft Woodwork

Chiniot is famous for hand craft woodwork, furniture carving, jarokha designing, etc. The furniture from Chiniot is famous in all over Pakistan as well as in the world.

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