Faisalabad (Punjab)

Faisalabd, a major industrial center and 3rd most populated city in Pakistan, is located in the northeast alluvial plain of Punjab at the center of the lower Rachna Doab, at the distance of 184km from Lahore through Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M-2 turn left from Pindi Bhattian, 143 km through Faisalabad Road.

Faisalabad is the first planned city by the British Ruler in India and named after Sir James Broadwood Lyall, Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab, as Lyallpur, then in the 1970s, its name was changed from Lyallpur to Faisalabad with the name of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

Faisalabad is famous for the textile industry in Pakistan, there is a number of factories producing textile products such as yarn, thread, garments, etc. Most of the major textile brands, have their production units in this city.

Faisalabad Map

Tour places in Faisalabad

Chenab club

The Chenab Club is the social club in Faisalabad. It is located at the distance of 2km from Faisalabad Railway Station via Mall Road and turns right on Club Road. It provides a variety of activities to all of its members and visitors. The sports facilities include swimming, tennis, kids play area, badminton, and basketball, and there is also a restaurant offering all kinds of food. Club also has a medium-size library with some rare books.

Tourism in Chenab club

Clock Tower Faisalabad

Clock Tower or Ganta Ghar is an old historical building of Faisabad, was constructed in British Raj. Building is located in the center of eight markets in different direction like flag of England. It is located at the distance of 2 km from Faisalabad Railway Station via Railway Road, turn left after General Post office building.

Tourism in Clock Tower Faisalabad

Jinnah Garden Faisalabad

Jinnah Garden, also known as Company Baagh, is a beautiful park, located at the distance of 2km from Faisalabad Railway Station via Mall Road, turn right on Club Road after The Chenab Club. It is a very old park in Faisalabad. A baradari is there within the natural beauty of colorful flowers and green and shady trees. It is the best for one-day spending to get comfort and relaxation.

Tourism in Jinnah Garden Faisalabad

Sangla Hill

Sangla Hill is a small town in the Nankana Sahib District, and situated at the distance of 137 km from Lahore at 1,027 feet above sea level, and accessible via Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M-2 and then turns left on Khanqah Dogran road.

Tourism in Sangla Hill