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Toba Tek Singh (Punjab)


Toba Tek Singh is located on the right bank of the Ravi River at the distance of 270 km from Lahore, and accessible via Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M-2, and turn left from Pindi Bhattian on Faisalabad - Multan Motorway M-4. It is named after Tek Singh, a Sikh Religious personality.

There is a legend about the Tek Singh as he was kind hearted man and provided shelter and water to passing travelers near a small pond, known as Toba in Punjabi language. In this way, people started to call that region as Toba Tek Singh. Due kindness of that Sikh personality, its name still remain Toba Tek Singh even after partition in 1947.

The main development in the Toba Tek Singh was in the period of British. The British Government built a canal system there and farmlands were allotted to people migrating to this area. So due to canals, it becomes possible to water the land and grows number of crops to earn money. These people developed large farms to produce various crops in the region.

Toba Tek Singh has boundaries with Sahiwal, Faisalabad, Chiniot, Jhang, and Khanewal districts. The Ravi River is a natural boundary between Toba Tek Singh and Sahiwal. Lahore - Abdul Hakeem Motorway M-3 and Faisalabad - Multan Motorway M-4 are crossed from the both extremes of the district. So it becomes easy to access any location in the district without any problem. Lahore-Hakeem Motorway M-3 merges with the Faisalabad - Multan Motorway M-4 after leaving the Toba Tek Singh district in the Khanewal district. It is also connected with rail track to all of the other cities in Pakistan.

Darbar-e-Qutbia is one of the oldest Muslim shrines in Punjab region and is located in the town of Sandhilianwali in the Toba Tek Singh district. It is the shrine of Syed Qutab Ali Shah Bukhari, who is from the bloodline of Imam Shah Bukhari. Darbar is located on the Pir Mahal - Sandhilianwali Road in the center of the town.

In the town of Rajana, there is a historical police station more than 100 years old. It was constructed in the British Regime. Rajana is also famous for dense forest on the Faisalabad Road. For family picnic, one can visit Rajana Forest Part and Zoo that is located on Samundri - Rajana Road.

Kamalia Wildlife Park is situated near Kamalia Town on Kamalia Road from Kamalia- Chichawatni Road in the Toba Tek Singh district. It is a family park and there amusement activities in the park. Its purpose is to protect various animals within the natural environment.

Toba Tek Singh is an agricultural region, and it is the producer of the best quality oranges and other fruits. It also produce several cash crops such as wheat, rice, sugarcane, etc. So agriculture is the main professional of the people of Toba Tek Singh. There is an important grain market in Gojra on the Wazirabad-Khanewal track of the Railway.

The weather of Toba Tek Singh is extreme hot in the summer season with warm winds, whereas in winter season, the weather becomes moderate cold. It also receives much rainfall in the monsoon period.

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