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Khanewal - an important Railway Junction (Punjab)


Khanewal is an important city in the Central Punjab and is located at a distance of 300 Km from Lahore on Grand Trunk Road N5. It is also connected with Lahore - Abdul Hakeem Motorway with Lahore and Karachi. It is the most important Railway junction in Pakistan.

Khanewal is named after earlier settlers Daha family due to Khan in their names and populate by Zayadat Khan. They are famous by the name of Khan in this region, so this area was named as Khanewla, then became Khanewal.

Khanewal is bounded by Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Vehari, Sahiwal, and Multan districts. It has four tehsils Khanewal, Mian Channu, Kabirwala, and Jahanian.

In the British Regime, it is used as important Khanewl - Wazirabad Railway junction. It also has the second-largest railway station in Pakistan and electric rail trek from Lahore to Khanewal. In initial time of Railway construction in sub-continent, it was declared as flag station, after that it became important railway station due to demand of people. When it connected with other railway lines, it became most important railway station and junction in the sub-continent.

In the past time, the land of Khanewal was barren. After the change of flow of the River Ravi, its land became fertilized and used for vegetation. Wheat, cotton, and sugarcane are the important crops in this area. Mango and Guava are important fruits produce in this area.

Climate of Khanewal is subtropical desert climate. It has extreme hot and dry weather in summer season, whereas winter season is pleasant most of the time. It does not receive much rain, annual rainfall is just 9 inches.

There are number important industries, such as textile and engineering, in Khanewal.

Tulamba is a ruin of the older city spread over several miles on the eastern edge of the Ravi River in Mian Channu. It is considered as more than 2,500 years old. Archaeological digs show five distinct layers of civilization in this area. The ruins include walled fort with tower and 3,000 years old protective trench around it. Number of invaders had got control of Tulamba such as Alexander the Great, Taimur-e-Lang, and Sher Shah Suri. The condition of the site is poor due to rain and negligence of local government.

The Shrine of Khalid Walid is located in Nawan Shehr in Kabirwala. He is 12th century warrior-saint Khaliq Walid, but famous as Khalid Walid. The shrine was built by Ali bin Karamakh, Governor of Multan during the rule of Muhammad Ghor in the early decades of the 13th century.

Khanewal is famous for Railway Junction

Khanewal is the as most important Railway Junction in Pakistan as well as it was also most important Railway Station and Junction in the sub-continent.

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