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Lodhran (Punjab)


Lodhran is located on the northern side of the River Sutlej, at a distance of 416 km from Lahore on G. T. Road N-5 in Punjab province. It is also known for being the best cotton-growing area. Most of the population in Lodhran are involved in the agriculture profession.

Lodhran is bounded by Bahawalpur, Vehari, Khanewal, and Multan districts. It can also be accessed through Lodhran-Khanewal road E-5 from Khanewal after turning left from the National Highway N-5, otherwise National Highway N-5 is directly linked it via Multan district. It is also connected with Karachi-Lahore Railway track for all type of transportation.

Lodhran is named after Raja Lodhra, the son of Sikh Raja Raam Dyo Minhas. His family claimed to be the descendants of Sooraj Hansi Rajput. After the fall of the Sun temple, his populated in the valley of Sutlej and Bias rivers after 1743 in this region.

Lodhran is an agricultural area due to fertile land between the Chenab River and the Sutlej River. Area is suitable for growing cotton crop as well as other cash crops such as wheat, maize, sunflower, and sugarcane. Region is also famous for dates and mango fruits. The land in the area is irrigated with water of various canals, in which Mailsi canal is important and main canal, as well as the Sutlej River. Instead of vast agriculture infrastructure, the district has the lowest Human Development Index and one the poorest district in Pakistan.

It is the important connecting point between Punjab and Sindh, as the railway double track started from Lodhran to Karachi.

Tibba Talwara is an archaeological site in the district of Lodhran. It is the ruins of a fort called Fort Tilwara that was constructed by a Hindu king named Tilwara in 6th century. The fort is completely now ruins of left over mud of fort foundation. From Lodhran city, turn left toward Daftariwala from National Highway N-5, then turn right on the Tibba Talwara road to access the site. Site is located in vast lush green fields, but going to die due to carelessness by the authorities. If site is not maintained properly, then it will become the part of the fields under crops forever.

Miranpur Plantation Reserved Forest near the National Highway N-5 near Chak Gujran in the Lodhran district. Its purpose is to increase plantation in the area for preserving various plants.

The weather of the Lodhran district is extreme hot in the summer season, whereas it becomes moderate cool in the winter season. It also receives reasonable amount of rainfall in the monsoon period.

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