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Muzaffargarh (Punjab)


Muzaffargarh is located on the confluence of the Indus River and the Chenab River in South Western Punjab. It is geographically located exactly in the center of Pakistan at a distance of 450 km from Lahore via Faisalabad-Multan Motorway M-4.

Muzaffargarh has its boundaries with Multan, Khanewal, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Ranjanpur, and Layyah districts. It is located at the distance of 450 km from Lahore and accessible through Faisalabad - Multan Motorway M-4 via National Highway N-70 from Sher Shah Interchange. It is also accessed from Indus Highway N-55 via Dera Ghazi Khan. From the main city of Muzaffargarh, various highways are used to connect all of the inner towns. It is also connected with railway on the Multan - Dera Ghazi Khan track.

Muzaffargarh is famous for its agricultural and forest land due to fertile plains between the Indus River and the Chenab River. The land of Muzaffargarch is flat and alluvial plain that is ideal for various citrus and mango farms. Its land is irrigated through the water of the Indus River, the Chenab River, and several canals in the district. The main crops grown in this area are wheat, sugarcane, rice, tobacco, and cotton, whereas some special categories of mangoes, dates, citrus, and pomegranate are also considered as the best quality fruits of this area.

Muzaffargarh is least developed district and it has the lowest literacy rate in Pakistan. Human Development Index is also much low in the district. There is no proper higher education facility in the town.

Muzaffargarh is famous for its industries include jute textile, flour milling, cotton ginning, oil milling, petroleum production, paper production, including refining, power production, textile spinning, and solvent extraction.

Sakina-tul-Sughra Mosque is situated in Kotla Rehm Ali Shah in the Muzaffargarh district at a distance of 10 km from Jatoi town.on Jatoi-Shah Jamal road. It has fifty-two domes and two 55 meters tall minarets. It has an area of 52 kanal and designed by Turkish architecture specialists. Jatoi town is also famous for high quality of cotton production.

Tomb of Sheikh Sadan Shaheed is located near Muhammad Wala on the right bank of Chenab River. He was from an Arab Family and came in this region in the times of Muhammad Bin Qasim. He died fighting against Mongol Attack on Punjab in 1275. The shrine is raised on high plinth without roof. The magnificent size of grave is inside the shrine. There are several Quranic scripts and decorations on outside of the walls, that makes it unique-styled shrine in Punjab.

Kot Addu is small town near the Indus River and attracts several tourists due to the Indus River and gardens in the town. Kot Addu Power Plant was developed by the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority in the Muzaffargarh district on the left bank of the Indus River at a distance of 16 km from Taunsa Barrage.

Head Taunsa Barrage is located on the Indus River at a distance of 16 km from Kot Addu. It is used to control the flood in the river as well as irrigation through the Indus River. It is used to transfer the water of Indus River toward the Chenab River through Taunsa - Panjnad Link Canal, that is used to irrigate the lands of Muzaffargarh and Dera Ghazi Khan.

Panjnad River is the combined river after the merger all all major rivers such as Chenab, Sutlej, Jhelum, Ravi, and Beas into a single stream known as Panjnad or Chenab River near the town of Uch Sharif. This combined stream finally merges into the Indus River near Mithankot in Rajanpur district. After this point, the Indus River is also called Satnad carrying the water of seven rivers including panjnad, Indus, and Kabul rivers.

Muzaffargarh has extreme hot weather in the summer season and mild winters. Due to hotness in the summer season, it is common to face dust storms in the district. It also receives some rainfalls in the monsoon period. If there is flood in the rivers, then Muzaffargarh will be no higher risk due to on the confluence of both major rivers.

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